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Cars Pez – Recap

As a new set of cars is coming, I decided to go through the dispensers in my display, from that set – and share them with you!

Mater Pez

This mater Pez has a light green stem and a full coloured engine.

This mater Pez has a light green stem and a coloured carburettor.

Now that mater was released for Cars 2. This one introduced the pit manager’s headphones.

Yet another mater Pez. A different shade of green on the stem along with checkered flags on the stem.

Sally Pez

Sally is the girlfriend of Lightning McQueen

There are two that look identical, but one says Porsche on the right side!

She also comes with printed hearts on her stem!

Hudson Hornet

Hudson Hornet from the first set!

And another version with the print – Hudson Hornet on it’s right side.

Lightning McQueen

This was the first dispenser that came out from Lightning McQueen.

You can see that it’s the first when you take a look at it’s spoiler at the back.

This one comes with a printed stem and was a part of the Cars V-Day set.

Now that one was a part of the boxed set of four dispensers of Lightning McQueen

There are many different variations of this one. There are differences in the colour of the emblem on the hood, the angle of the wing at the back, the size of the 95 print on the side and more.

Once again, a part of the four dispensers that came in the boxed set – if you look closer, you can see the Rusteze emblem on the hood.

Now that one comes from the boxes set as well – this time with the Dynaco emblem on the hood and the matching colours.

The last one from the boxed set – same as the previous one, but with a blue stem.

Finn McMissile

Fin McMissile came out with the Cars 2 film.
This was a British spy car that recruited Mater by mistake.

The differences are in the face of the character

They might look the same, but they are not 🙂

Boxed sets

Photo by MoMo Pez
Photo by MoMo Pez
Photo by MoMo Pez
Photo by MoMo Pez

Require more detailed information?

Simply reply to this post and I will gladly answer any question you might have – Patent Numbers, Country, Country codes or anything else I did not think about.

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